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Hunting Guide Jeremy Hanaray

Hunting Guide Jeremy Hanaray
Hunting Guide Jeremy Hanaray


Having been a keen hunter since an early age and have enjoyed many hunting experiences around my home province of Hawke's Bay and throughout NZ.

A keenness to pass on my experience and a love of the outdoors has led me into guiding
in 2003, where I could offer others the opportunity to hunt the picturesque landscape of Hawke's Bay all year round. Jeremy Hanaray's Outdoor Adventures offers the benefits of careful planning and
preparation on a wide range of animals such as…

  • Red Deer
  • Sika Deer
  • Fallow Deer
  • Wild Goats
  • Tahr
  • Trout

Our guided hunting trips offer the success and assurance that exclusive private
properties offer with the benefit of easy to moderate terrain that suits most fitness levels.
We offer hunts all year 'round and you will be pleased with the quantity and quality
of wild game we can offer you.

We provide transport and food for your hunting experience and supply quality
firearms and gear as required. A full range of taxidermy services are available for your
trophy and a wild game butchery service is at hand to turn your wild game into table fare.

Best Regards,
Jeremy Hanaray