Ngamatea Stag do / hunting trip

This year started earlier than normal for me with a Stag do / hunting trip to Ngamatea in January.
My good friend Blair asked me to be his best man so we organised a few of our close friends and Blair’s family to join us for the weekend.

The following morning saw Blair shoot a Sika hind just over 300 yards with his Remington 7mm RUM

Blair's Sika Hind

Brendon Godwin was next on the trigger and pulled off a fantastic shot with Blair’s rifle shooting a nice Sika yearling hind at 500 yards knocking it over on the spot

Brendon Sika Yearling

In the afternoon we swapped the crew around a bit – Hamish and Lloyd joined Brendon and I for an evening hunt – while Glen took the rest of the party with him
We spotted a fat looking Sika hind across a gully so Lloyd decided to have a go and successfully knocked her over with his 7mm Rem-mag at 350 yards.

Lloyd Sika Hind

Also in January Mike Nugent and Duncan Wallace spent a morning and bagged a hind each Duncan was first up and shot his first deer a big red hind

Duncan Red Hind

Duncan Wallace with his first deer shot with my 7mm Rem mag