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Hunting Trip Feedback

Dear Jeremy and Snow

Firstly thank you for one of the most challenging yet rewarding experiences of my life. Last week I was amongst some of the most beautiful landscapes in New Zealand with the two most professional guides, hunting for a magnificent Bull Tahr, and you did not disappoint. Weather was on our side for the most, spotting was paramount and it seemed every ridge and rock face was carefully scaled until we were in reach of our target goal. With your encouragement and determination you very successfully made my dream come true and I now not only have the photos as proof but the Tahr at the taxidermist in Christchurch to enjoy forever.

Thank you once again , the whole experience was superb, a real buzz and I will have ‘choice’ memories for a very long time. I look forward to a Sika in the future, as my next adventure with you Jeremy.

Kind Regards
Jane Dunkerley

Client Testimonial

My wife describes guided hunting as “chardonnay hunting”, if that’s hunting with Jeremy on Otamauri Station then I want more chardonnay!

Essentially, it was the most exciting day’s hunting that I’ve ever experienced. I have never before been in a situation where I’ve been surrounded by five large stags roaring their heads off, one sounding like an enraged elephant.  Stags seemed to be coming in from all directions, with a magnificent 11 pointer suddenly appearing across the ravine in response to Jeremy’s roaring.  He was looking for trouble and the next thing we knew was right behind us, before he winded us and disappeared. How such a large animal can move so through the bush so quietly is beyond me. While we didn’t get a stag at that spot the experience of being able to watch stags roaring, rounding up their hinds and chasing off intruders was worth it alone.  The young fella that I had brought with me, who has been hunting on public land for the last 6 months and had’t seen a deer, was stoked and was soaking up Jeremy’s knowledge of deer behavior and the importance off very slight changes in wind and temperature, and most of all the virtue of patience.

I managed to bag my stag just as the light was about to go. He had been roaring for hours at a couple of other stags but just refused to emerge from the kanuka, so we went in after him just before the light went. We got within 40  – 50 yards of him, right were Jeremy thought he’d be, but in the gloom of the kanuka it was very hard to get a decent sight picture. Jeremy gave a roar, he turned and I took the shot. I thought I had missed as he ran and I fired again and he disappeared into the gloom.  All seemed to be lost, but then we heard a crashing sound higher up the gully and we ran up and found him down. He was a huge old gnarly 10 pointer, who had clearly seen a lot of action judging by the condition of some of his tines and wounds on his flank.  At the end of the day it was really the icing on the cake for me.

We returned early the next morning so the young fella could bag his first deer and it wasn’t long before he was lined up on a lone hind at 235 yards. Jeremy talked him through the shot and down went the hind, with the bullet going straight through the heart.  A great shot to top off a great weekends hunting.

Jeremy was also able to arrange for the processing of the meat and mounting of the head, which was a great help.

Many thanks to Jeremy and Janine.

Adrian Regnault

Client testimonial – Guided hunting

I received this thankyou letter from a customer whom I guided at Otamauri station. It was a very good hunt and he was able to shoot an impressive stag too.

Dear Jeremy,
I would just like to thank you for the wonderful time and the very professional manner in which you guided Marty and I on our recent Deer Hunt with you.
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Ngamatea Stag do / hunting trip

This year started earlier than normal for me with a Stag do / hunting trip to Ngamatea in January.
My good friend Blair asked me to be his best man so we organised a few of our close friends and Blair’s family to join us for the weekend.

The following morning saw Blair shoot a Sika hind just over 300 yards with his Remington 7mm RUM

Blair's Sika Hind

Brendon Godwin was next on the trigger and pulled off a fantastic shot with Blair’s rifle shooting a nice Sika yearling hind at 500 yards knocking it over on the spot

Brendon Sika Yearling

In the afternoon we swapped the crew around a bit – Hamish and Lloyd joined Brendon and I for an evening hunt – while Glen took the rest of the party with him
We spotted a fat looking Sika hind across a gully so Lloyd decided to have a go and successfully knocked her over with his 7mm Rem-mag at 350 yards.

Lloyd Sika Hind

Also in January Mike Nugent and Duncan Wallace spent a morning and bagged a hind each Duncan was first up and shot his first deer a big red hind

Duncan Red Hind

Duncan Wallace with his first deer shot with my 7mm Rem mag

Sarah Worthington with her first deer 2011

Sarah's first hunt
Sarah Worthington with her first deer 2011.

Jeremy Hanaray’s Outdoor Adventures provides a unique opportunity to both introduce hunting for the first time, while also catering for more experienced hunters. Guided hunting can provide an amazing outdoor family experience, with a range of packages available for most ages. Jeremy can help guide yo, and your son or daughter on a successful outdoors hunting trip, in New Zealands beautiful natural environment, with the safety and assurance of an experience hunting guide.

Levi with a Red hind – Ready for the freezer

Red hind

Levi with a red hind – ready for the freezer, shot easter 2011

Whether it is a trophy head you are after, or meat for the freezer, I can tailor a guided hunting package for you. All animals can be field prepped, and I can highly recommend several good butchers for processing you animal, to retain the distinctive game flavour.

Paul & Tony – Two day non-trophy hunting trip

Paul & good mate Tony spent two days with me at Ngamatea – Paul shot an absolute ripper of a management stag 7 points and over 28” long.
Tony was also lucky to bag himself a stag a 5 pointer that also had good length.

Tony Management Sika Stag

Tony’s Management Sika Stag

Management Sika Stag

Paul with his 7 point management Sika stag

Tony and Paul with Management Sika Stag

Tony and Paul with Tony’s management Sika stag

Valery – Ngamatea Trophy Stag

Valery Ngamatea Stag

Valery's Ngamatea Stag

The next trophy taken for the season was a beauty 9 point Sika Stag and was shot by Valery Kudrow with his rifle – this was a fantastic hunt and a good stalk to get
Valery into 100 yards to take the shot


Ernie and Hamish with Ernie’s 13pt trophy Red Stag

Ernie with his Red Stag
After a couple more meat hunts in February and March it was trophy season and in April Ernie Williams was first up with a Red Stag hunt shared with his son Hamish
We spotted a few nice stags before making a decision on this one and Ernie knocked it over with my 7mm mag @ 238 yards – Ernie is getting it mounted by Kaweka Taxidermy.

Ernie and Hamish with Ernie's 13pt trophy Red Stag

Ernie and Hamish with Ernie's 13pt trophy Red Stag

November 2010

The owners of Stoney Creek Hunting clothing in NZ spent the weekend with Glen and I at Ngamatea – We hunt in a lot of their garments and rate them highly so it was good to give them some feed back and offer a few pointers and also to learn a bit more about there evolving company. Adrian shot his first two deer both Sika hinds at good ranges and managed a good carry to test out some of his gear.
Sarah shot a big mature red hind in the sweet spot with the 7mm08 to claim another deer. The weather was great and we got some great pictures hopefully we will see them in a future Stoney Creek catalogue.

Red Hind

Sarah with her Red Hind

First Deer

Adrian Toft Owner of Stoney Creek Clothing NZ with his first Deer